Welcome to Maniqure! 5 star nail salon from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. A charming nail salon with a beautiful & friendly ambience. Maniqure ultimate goal is to make every customer feel pampered & absolutely fabulous by the time they walk out the door!

Maniqure nail salon offers an extensive menu of manicure, pedicure, pampering foot spa, nail care & waxing services. Our trained manicurists are highly committed to hygienic practices and passionately dedicated to providing the best customer care together with customised and unique nail art styles.

Also, we extend our place for customers to throw nail parties. You can organize a fabulous birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower or just any private gathering.

Nail Salon Interior Design

We invite you to experience the difference in our services, especially our nail art design. You can found a lot of Japanese nail art, Korean nail art and Western nail art from our nail gallery. Dress up your nails today!

About Vision

To become the best services nail salon in Malaysia.

To empower every stylist on the town to achieve more.

About Mission

Create the best salon experience for customers and best workplace environment for nail designers by engaging the 5 senses - taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing. 利用5觉 - 视觉、听觉、触觉、嗅觉及味觉,为顾客创造最好的沙龙体验,为美甲设计师创造一个最好的创意工作室。

Inspire people to express themselves through manicure at any time and any place. 在任何地方,随时随地都能够启发所有人对美甲与时尚搭配的灵感。

First Nail Salon App in Malaysia

Nail Salon Mobile App

Maniqure is the first nail salon in Malaysia offer mobile app booking services! Now you can get in touch with us easily & check the latest promotion available. Book your nail services anytime, anywhere and 24/7.

  • Nail services price & time estimate
  • Appointment history
  • Designs inspirations from our best manicurist
  • Choose your nail design from the gallery
  • Book with the exact design and price shown
  • Save your favorite nail art photo
  • We are about to launch Android version very soon!
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Nail Designer

Lim Pei Xin


Nail Director

Talented in beautiful Korean & Japanese floral nail art design.

Wendy Chin Tze Wee


Nail Designer

She is a cheerful and friendly person. Take care your spa and waxing services gently.

Cindy Yuen Pui Yee


Nail Designer

She like to learn about your nails and make sure you look great to start the day.

Hu Kah Yan


Salon Assistant

A very details person, take care every single needs of customers.

Christabel Tay Yoon Wei


Nail Designer

Passionate in manicure. She challenges herself to be a better nail designer.

Sharon Lim Pei Zhi



A new member in Maniqure passionate to assist everybody in every situation.

Manicurist Vacancy

Maniqure is the most active nail salon in the local and seeking for rapidly expansion in Malaysia. We are looking vacancy for manicurist and nail designers with related qualification, certification or experience. Are you friendly, passionate, love & care of nails? Join us as our family member. We together share our happiness, learn and grow together. Click here to submit your application.

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