How Your Nail Design Created Using I’ZEMI (Behind The Scene)

In this article, you’ll get to know how we use the new I’ZEMI gel colours which is imported from South Korea to create beautiful nail art. We have tested the products, and we want to write a brief product review here for you to consider.

So if you're looking to get a new set of gel colours for yourself (and your customers), or if you want to know how we create beautiful nail art, let's continue the article below.

Here you go!

I'ZEMI Spring Collection - Lovely Fairy Tale

There are a lot of nail colour brands and suppliers out there. Maniqure only chooses high quality, premium packaging and famous branding nail colours for our customers (you).

Last month, we got to know this amazing brand I'ZEMI in Malaysia. It's amazing that they have different seasonal collections packaging which attract our interest. We get their Spring Collection - Lovely Fairy Tale and few tools from them.

You can see their packaging below.

I'ZEMI Spring Collection - Lovely Fairy Tale

Everyone of us love collections, Do you?

You'll notice that, there are 12 bottles gel colours inside the beautiful package, and it comes with a lovely greeting card. And yes, it is pink in colour! There's variety of pinks inside the packaging.

You also see there are 5 little round container on top, which is their Fairy Magic Powder, we'll show you how magical is it at the bottom of the article.

Hpnotiq Colour - I'ZEMI Spring Collection

The unique collection come with pastel colour series. It even comes in a pastel turquoise too! They called it I'ZEMI Hpnotiq.

Audrey Colour - I'ZEMI Spring Collection

Since there is a lot of pinks inside the collection, we decided to use pinks for one of the nail art that you will see in our next beautiful nail album.

Lovely Fairy Tale Colours Palette

Any pastel lovers here? The exact colours look like this! Pastel colours and pastel glitters!

I'ZEMI Gel Colours Perfect for Nail Art Drawing

If you're a nail designer, you would want to ask about the liquid thickness (viscosity) of the gel colours.

I'ZEMI Powder Mint Colour

You're in luck! The liquid thickness is perfect for any kind of nail art drawing. However, if you want to do some colour blend or marble surface art, you will need to add some “special liquid” to make the gel less thickness.

I'ZEMI Scarlet Red Colour

We have talked to IZEMI Malaysia, and they will show us how this “special liquid” can control the gel thickness during their grand launching event tomorrow at Puchong, Selangor.

Glitter Gel Shine Like Swarovski

We have tested their glitter colours and the outcome is surprisingly good. It has been more than one week we tested their glitter, and it still looks shiny!

I'ZEMI Brilliant Glitter Colour

I'ZEMI Brilliant Glitter Colour. Like the colour name suggests, is really brilliantly bright!

I'ZEMI Maser Glitter Gel

I'ZEMI also has another glitter packaging, which is round container balm type which is much easier to control how much glitter you want to use.

Fairy Magic Powder Make Your Nails A Layer of Sand Texture

As for the Spring Collection, it comes with 5 colours choices of Fairy Magic Powder. It is 5 different shades of pink!

I'ZEMI Spring Collection - Fairy Magic Powder

Our nail designer decided to apply this Fairy Magic Powder to her nail art. You will see the outcome at the bottom of the article.

Before applying Fairy Magic Powder

You can apply a layer of base colour or directly apply the Fairy Magic Powder on the nails.

Pouring Fairy Magic Powder

Once you have applied the Fairy Magic Powder, put the nails under the UV light as usual. Ta-da! It will have a layer of “sand effect” on the nail. It really feels good when you touch the nail surface.

We decided to use some pink Fairy Magic Powder on our nail design below.

Shining Surface or Matte Surface?

All the gel colours can easily become matte, by just applying I'ZEMI Matt Top Gel

Applying Matt Top Gel

We are going to make it fully matte for this beautiful nail art that we are showing you at the bottom of this article (You'll love it).

Nail Art Drawing Using The Ultra Needle-Thin Professional Nail Brush

Nail designers often use these type of needle-thin brush for nail art drawing.

I'ZEMI Professional Nail Brush - The Perfect Long Liner #101

The nail brush is firm, solid and pleasant to hold. It even comes with a beautiful gold cover too! It would have been even better if the pen come with Maniqure Green instead of Maroon Red.

I'ZEMI Belvia Gel

We also get this Belvia Gel from I'ZEMI. This black gel is thick and dark, specially used for nail art black line drawing. But we will not be going to use black for our nail art below.

Check out how we use I'ZEMI pinks and powders for the nail art below!

First Nail Art Done Using I'ZEMI Tools & Colours

Great nail brush and great pinks created great nail art!

This month we are going to publish an amazing Tile nails album. We are trying to use 100% I'ZEMI tools & colours for one of the nail art among 21 in the album.

Using I'ZEMI products to create first nail art

The finest of the nail brush and colours are perfectly for these type of details tile nails.

Every month we will launch new nail design album. This will be the first time we are showing off our new design before the new album launch.

Tile Nails - Islamic Art Manicure (Our Next Album Title)

Are you excited? Announcing our new album title, the Tile Nails, inspired by Malaysian Islamic Art.

This beautiful nail art is 100% fully done using I'ZEMI's new Spring Collection colours and I'ZEMI's nail brush. Amazing isn't?

Beautiful tile nails fully created using I'ZEMI products

We have another 20 Tile Nails designs going to share with you! Stay tune!

IZEMI Korea Product Review

Below is our honest review about I'ZEMI products. Our rating from 1 to 5 star.

The gel colour quality is excellent for nail designss. It will paint without any bubbles on the nails. It will still look shine after 4 weeks. It definitely competes with Japanese quality.

It come with full set of colour choices and tools. We expect more colours & tools to choose.

Beautiful packaging, theme and collections! Professional and elegant design. But we expect something more soft, young and cute which matches our Maniqure theme.

BRANDING: 3.9 / 5.0
They claim to be Korea's No.1 brand. However, the brand is still new to the local mark, and would need some time to build up its reputation.

VALUE PRICING: 4.3 / 5.0
Premium quality always come with premium pricing. However I'ZEMI's pricing is reasonable and its product are pretty much value for money.

They have good customer services. They answer phone calls promptly and they are always willing to explain their products in a professionally manner.

OVERALL: 4.4 / 5.0
In conclusion, we find this a very good product. We thank IZEMI Malaysia for offering their products! And yes, we have decided to purchase more colours from them during their grand launching tomorrow!

We are excited to talk to them tomorrow and see how we can use these beautiful colours to dress up your nails!

Dress up your nails today!